Automated Document Verification

Document verification is as simple as it sounds. It is the process of substantiating the authenticity of a document. Sensitive documents such as driving licenses, IDs, bank statements, have to be verified. In the process, the validity of the data in the documents is authenticated. Such data includes age, address, names, and more. Other features like watermarks, carrier materials, stamps, and fonts are also put under scrutiny.

Advancements in Technology

In the olden days, people were expected to be physically present for authentication. However, advancements in technology rendered this system redundant and obsolete. Furthermore, fighting the recent coronavirus pandemic has discouraged physical meetings unless necessary. With changes in technology, connectivity has become easier. Computers and mobile devices have made document verification easier. All you have to do is upload a government-issued ID and a photo. From here, a special software verifies your identity.

Automated Document Verification

AI Driven Verification

Recent technology powered by artificial intelligence made a difference. It has made the task of document verification more efficient and easier. Using this system is arguably more accurate than performing manual checks.

This is because the system checks the document for:

  • Signs of forgery and manipulation. This could be in form of alterations to an original image.
  • Data consistency after cross-checking with other documents. Such data include names, date of birth, document number, and others
  • Quality of the document. This can include checks for watermarks, text overlay, optical authenticity of the ink, among others.
  • Signs of superimposition for manipulation by checking the document’s edges
  • The authenticity of holograms by getting a 3D view of the document. 

Benefits of Modern Document Verification

The efficiency of a modern document verification process is directly proportional to the amount of data you feed it. Artificial intelligence can detect inconsistencies more efficiently with time.

Some of the benefits of document verification include:

  • Elimination of human error due to fatigue 
  • It can avert frauds that are very sophisticated to be apparent to the human eye
  • It is cost-effective
  • It has fast access to internationally identity documents 
  • Increases efficiency allowing you to deliver better services
  • It can be scaled instantly to any desired scope
  • It can connect to a worldwide database keeping its records up to date
  • Promotes convenience to all parties involved

Automated document verification systems are an integral part of any modern business module. Businesses using outdated methods of data verification are on the verge of extinction. It is imperative to hop on this bandwagon to avoid being a victim of fraud and also keep up with the times.

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