Document verification: Could chipless RFID be used for secure document exchange?

Document verification refers to determining the authenticity of a document, and this can occur, for example, in relation to employment processes. An officially issued document, such as a passport or driving license, can be presented for verification, wherein the validity of such data as ‘name’ and ‘age’ will be checked. The document features themselves will … Read more

Digital Fraud and How Businesses Can Prevent It

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have been forced to adopt the use of digital technology to keep up with the competition. Those who are still reluctant to adapt risk losing their business to competitors who are more open to providing a first-class digital experience and innovation.  While this innovation has had a massive … Read more

Automated Document Verification

Document verification is as simple as it sounds. It is the process of substantiating the authenticity of a document. Sensitive documents such as driving licenses, IDs, bank statements, have to be verified. In the process, the validity of the data in the documents is authenticated. Such data includes age, address, names, and more. Other features … Read more

How Document Verification Works

According to recent studies, countless businesses and consumers have lost billions of dollars through identity theft. To curb this growing problem, most businesses have been forced to turn to reliable ways to fight fraud. One method that was introduced and has proven to be efficient is the use of document verification software to confirm the … Read more